The US Department of Educations’s Race to the Top program awarded grants to state to advance reforms around adopting standards and assessments building data systems that measure student growth and success, provide effective teachers and principals, and turn around low-achieving schools. Built in a Drupal framework, the system provides grantees or states to report their progress in implementing their comprehensive education reform plans. The data collection system allows states to easily submit their reporting data each year. The system then displays the reporting data in a clear and orderly organization of extensive and complex financial and statistical data for each participating state through the dynamic presentation of charts, graphs, tables and data visualizations. The system provides up-to-date information display and real-time visualization as new data. The site provides section-508 accessibility through the use of dynamically generated charts and diagrams in place of static graphics and text-based presentations of data. The system also supports state progress, and comparisons between multiple program implementations.