Center for Social Innovation’s Ticometer is a assessment application that measures and assesses the level of an organizations trauma-informed care. Organizations purchase a subscription to utilize the application. An administrator from the organization is responsible for an organizational user accounts. This can include staff at all levels of an organization, including administrators/leadership, clinicians and direct care staff, peer providers, support staff, and volunteers. A manager dashboard provides a customizable organization profile, ability to invite new users, alerts newly completed assessment. Organization have access to all organizational user-level results, however users are given anonymity. Each assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete. Users select their responses to a series of 35 tangible questions. Upon completion the user-level responses are translated automatically into scores for each of the 5 domains as well as an overall score. The overall score represents an average of items across all domains. Users will receive immediate feedback using qualitative results. Results are based on numerical scores derived from users’ answers. The system also offers practical details that organizations can use to understand their results. The more users that take the assessment, will provide the organization to see meaningful trends in specific areas, and strategically identify areas for improvement.