Beginning with an assessment of the International Republican Institute’s (IRI) existing printed and online communications I conducted interviews with key project stakeholders to understand target audiences, audience perceptions, and how IRI evaluates and measures success. Based on our findings we developed a summary report identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in IRIs marketing materials.

My assessment provided clear recommendations for a strategic design direction that clearly and impressively differentiates the International Republican Institute from other competing organizations. Imagery will focus on the human element, and highlight successful relationships through deep professional expertise. The visual design challenge with the IRI marketing communications is to change the perceptions that IRI is not in the business of promoting political points of view. The look and feel of the marketing materials must support an understanding of IRI as the premier international democracy building organization that it is.

Two different printed communication brochures were developed focusing on who and how IRI solves problems and a more focused brochure on IRIs Democratic Governance work. Informatics developed content and organizational messaging along with a compelling and meaningful design treatment, to provide a consistent look and feel across all IRI printed and online communication materials.