The CARANA Corporation designs and implements economic development strategies across the world. The organization was in need for a collaborative framework to provide access to all relevant resources and knowledge from a single online source. The Intranet system facilitates sharing and creation of knowledge, connect members with expertise to develop and share critical knowledge and innovative solutions where gaps exist, and facilitate group collaboration. Users have the ability search,  store, and disseminate knowledge according to their own needs and preferences. The system provides supporting users in tailoring their online experience to give direct access to all relevant information and improve their productivity. Working with a team we defined a clear knowledge management protocol with typical user scenarios, and detail specific technical and functional requirements to support users in navigating and interacting with the intranet. The final system allowed users to create, save, share, import / export, and submit knowledge into an online library. All content is peer reviewed, allowing users to flag, comment, or provide feedback on all knowledge.